Wednesday, 15 October 2014

How a HR Health Check can assist your business

What is a HR Health Check?

A HR Health Check is a diagnostic tool used to assess the people management aspects of your business. 

How can a HR Health Check assist my business?

A Health Check will enable you to review, plan and make adjustments to your HR practices enabling you to deal with issues before they arise.

How does a HR Health Check work?

A HR Health Check steps you through a series of strategic questions designed to cover a wide range of employer to employee related questions, assessing the current position of your HR management performance, business HR maturity and any limitations that may be affecting people performance.

Who is a HR Health Check designed for?

Whether you are a small business without a HR department or a large company, a HR health check can be beneficial in assessing the state of your "people performance".

What happens after the HR health check?

It is really up to you to decide.  It will depend upon your business priorities at the time.  Our company can assist you in developing a customised solution that fits perfectly with your business needs.

What type of solutions does your company offer?

We offer customised HR services for your business.  We don't believe in off the shelf generic solutions.  We take the time to understand your business needs and requirements.  Whether you require a one off solution or a completely outsourced solution, we can help.  Examples of the types of solutions we provide include:

·         HR compliance solutions include policy and procedure development, employment contracts and workshops on areas such as Fair Work Legislation, EEO, Recruitment and Harassment/Discrimination laws.

·         Work Health and Safety (WHS) solutions include: development of policies and procedures, design of work health and safety management systems, safety audits, safety leadership programs and workshops outlining WHS responsibilities for small business.

·         Performance Management solutions include: assisting you with performance managing your staff.

·         HR Skills Training solutions include customised training to assist you in building and developing internal HR capability.

Is it expensive?

No.  We have solutions designed for every size organisation and budget.  You can select an option that suits your specific needs.

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