Friday, 25 October 2013

Bridging the performance gap

Do you have underperforming employees?  Underperformance can be linked to several factors. What is the cause of underperformance? There are many possibilities.  Sometimes a performance gap may be due to employee attitudinal factors, organisational culture factors or it may be a skills deficiency.

A "performance gap" exists when the actual performance on a KPI is below the planned or expected level of performance. Examples of KPIs include return on investment (ROI), product or service quality, and extent of customer satisfaction.

Central to the concept of bridging the performance gap is identification of the divide between actual performance and expected performance standards. Performance management is a process for developing a shared workforce understanding regarding the objectives to be achieved at the organisational level.  Effective performance management centres on aligning the organisational objectives with the employee's agreed measures, skills, competency requirements, development plan and delivery of results.  In performance management, the focus is on improvement in order to achieve the overall business strategy and to create a high performing workforce.

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