Friday, 25 October 2013

Effective Leadership for 21st Century Businesses

The essence of 21st Century leadership is capitalising on strengths, minimising weaknesses and actively scanning and proactively seeking business opportunities.  Of paramount importance is clear business communication and using powerful language.

Leaders need to foster a "can do" mentality and avoid unclear instructions and communications.  Furthermore, leaders need to avoid indirect language as it undermines the communication message.

Using language that suggests there is another reason for why someone should do something rather than simply that you want them to do it makes people look weak so, “needing” someone to do something is in fact rarely authentic – and should normally be replaced by “I want you to do X please” or an alternatively straight communication.

Finally, the message must be clear.  Leaders need to "walk the talk"of the organisation.  However, in order to do this, the leader must be clear  and consistent about the organisational talk and communicate the message effectively to his or her staff.

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