Thursday, 7 November 2013

Are you a Leader?

A leader is a person who sees something that needs to be done, knows that they can help make it happen, and gets started.
A leader sees opportunity and captures it.
A leader sees a future that can be different and better, and helps others see that picture too.
A leader knows they can’t do it alone.
A leader is a coach.
A leader is an encourager.
A leader views change as their ally.
A leader is willing to take risks today for something better tomorrow.
A leader is a learner.
A leader is a communicator.
A leader is a coordinator.
A leader is a listener.
A leader takes a long view – letting their vision keep their daily steps on track.
A leader is passionate.
A leader motivates and inspires.
A leader values results.
A leader cares about more than results though; she cares about those who are following her lead.
A leader makes a difference in the lives of others.
A leader is all of these things and much more.

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