Thursday, 7 November 2013

Who is a Leader?

This question on the surface appears to be an easy question, however the reality is complex.

People in certain roles are leaders, whether they’ve studied for the role, like a doctor, lawyer, teacher or minister… were elected to the role, such as an MP, mayor, Senator or Prime Minister... or worked up the through the organisation such as a supervisor, General Manager, Vice President or CEO.

You can ask most anyone the question “Who is a leader?” and those are the kinds of answers they will give you.
They are right, of course.  But they are only partially right.
Leaders aren’t leaders because of a job title. 
Leaders are leaders because they lead.
Which takes me back to my previous question – “Are people born leaders?” Yes they are. But it isn’t just a few that have been hand picked by our Creator or random genetics.
We have all been picked – genetics has selected us all.
We were all born to lead, in our own way.

We may not be the Chairman of the Board.  We may not be the person on the stage. 
We may not lead with oratory or flair.
We may lead by compassion. 
We may lead by example.
We all can lead.

We all have the ability to be remarkable leaders. 
Leadership isn’t about position.
Leadership isn’t about power.
Leadership is about potential – your potential.

You are a leader.  Claim and believe this to be true, for it is.  Stake your claim and make a difference in the world around you.  Your opportunities for leadership are endless.  The rewards are boundless.

Where will you lead?


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