Thursday, 7 November 2013

Why does Leadership matter?

Parents universally hope that their children develop leadership qualities.  They know that leaders are people who are effective in what they do, are respected by others, and typically rewarded for those skills in a variety of ways.  It is in these formative years that, through our parents, we first see leadership as desirable and important.

As young people we look up to people around us that motivate and listen to us; people that seem like “real-life” heroes.  We consider these people leaders.

As we grow we begin to relate leaders to their jobs – ministers, teachers, police officers.  And later General Managers, corporate business partners and CEO’s . . .

As adults all of these thoughts and experiences define why we think leaders have desirable traits and play roles we admire (and why we desire these things for our children).

All of these experiences and thoughts help us define why leadership matters – it matters because leaders make a difference and can shape the future.  It matters because leaders are valued and valuable.  In everyone’s mind leadership, especially when it is good, matters.

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